Be prepared, more storms on the way


Daina Charland-Sulaver,
Senior Manager PG&E

With more wet weather on its way, PG&E reminds customers to have an emergency plan. In case of an evacuation, consider the following tips to stay safe:

Create an emergency preparedness kit. Include food, water, personal supplies, medication and equipment such as portable radios and flashlights.

Keep at least a half tank of gas in your car in case you must evacuate unexpectedly.

Keep electric vehicles charged.

Familiarize yourself with alternate routes out of your area as options during an evacuation.

However, if authorities identify a specific evacuation route, follow it.

Be alert for road hazards such as washed-out roads or bridges.

Don’t drive into flooded areas.

Always assume low and downed lines are live and extremely dangerous.

Keep yourself and others away, and call 911 immediately.

If possible, leave early enough to avoid severe weather.

Include pets in practice drills.

Find out which kennels, shelters or veterinarians are available during an emergency.

Establish a location where your family can reunite after evacuating.

Select a second meeting place, in case the primary location is unusable.