Letter to the Editor


Robert B. Wister,
Hayward Resident

Each election cycle we are confronted with closed streets for paving ONLY in the three months before election vote time. Watch the street paving frenzy come to a screeching halt the day of the election. Where are these workers for the preceding eighteen months? Who is paying them during their time off?

This process has been going on since I came to live in Hayward in 1971.

I shall also point out that Sweeny’s White Elephant on Civic Center Drive, has been condemned since soon after the Loma Prieta earthquake. It was actually occupied for some time after, despite condemnation, since I had eye operation on the fifth floor April 23, 1993. There were NO city hall meetings after the earthquake in that building. He got his name on a bronze plaque that no one can see today.

Another mayor came on the scene and got their name on the plaque at a replacement city hall which is patterned after Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s schloss. I think that is fitting for this city. Another name on a bronze plaque.

We are now confronted with a new mayor and a new bronze plaque at great cost to the taxpayer. This is described as EDIFICE COMPLEX. Look that up in yer Funk & Wagnalls. The size of the library is of several orders of magnitude larger than can be justified for the size of the city. Currently the present library is not economically capable of receiving and shelving a monthly sports periodical which I tried to contribute. So I was told in 2015. How are they going to populate this edifice when all recent tax measures have failed to attain the required two thirds vote. They are often subsequently illegally imposed in spite of Article XIII of California Constitution.

BANG has their news and editorial nose up the city’s handout outlet so your journal is the only publication of repute remaining in the East Bay.