Presidential election got me like ‘nah’

Louis LaVenture,

I feel like I am at a restaurant but all of the food is gone. All they have is salt, pepper and house salads. That is what the 2016 presidential election feels like to me.

I don’t want either entrée, but I’m hungry and I have to eat, so I am forced to choose between a salad or condiments. Salad please.

Unfortunately the salad this year is Hillary Clinton. I just don’t trust her, and it’s more than the emails that continue to be leaked. It’s the lack of transparency and the FBI investigation into her illegal use of a home server that could have led to her indictment, which has led many critics to question her integrity. I didn’t even mention the Benghazi fiasco, for which she has been continually slammed by both sides of the aisle.

What is my other option? No meat? A salt and pepper dinner with Donald Trump? Doesn’t sound very filling to me. Trump is the worst. I think he forgot that the years he spent in the public spotlight as a celebrity shined a light on his true character. Whether it was his appearances on the Howard Stern radio show, where he rated and dissected women on a numerical scale, or the leaked behind-the-scenes audio where he told the former Today Show co-host Billy Bush he grabbed women by their “p—-,” Trump’s true character is well-known.

For me, it’s hard to brush aside all of the negative aspects of both of their characters and be happy settling on a leader. I would rather not vote or cast my ballot for one of the other lesser-known candidates who potentially could get future campaign funding if they receive a specific percentage of the popular vote.

If I am forced to choose, I have to choose Clinton. The sexist and racist remarks Trump has made over time have turned me off of him as a leader completely. His comments on Mexicans and Mexico alone forces me to shun any thought of voting for him, ever.

I am not naïve; I understand the election is more than just the president. Fortunately for me, there are things on the ballot I truly care about and feel like my vote matters for. Marijuana legalization, higher wages, grocery taxes and more public resources are all on the ballot this year in the form of propositions, and these are what are driving me to the polling station. Sure, I am going to vote for Clinton, not because I want her for president, but because I don’t want Trump.

As a Latino in America, I also understand the struggle that minorities and women have gone through just to acquire the right to vote. When I think about suffrage and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, I am embarrassed not to vote. I owe it to all people of color and their supporters that in many instances gave their lives for people like me to be able to vote and make a change.

So even though this presidential election has me feeling down, it is more than just the president: it’s important to vote for change and get your voice heard.