Who broke the American election system?

Kathleen Stevens,

We are rapidly approaching one of the most unique national elections in recent history. It has become a political circus instead of an election and to further aggravate the situation, neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton seems to have developed a clear plan of attack to solve our country’s many societal problems, such as economic inequality between upper and the lower classes, racial discrimination among minority populations, the need to raise the minimum wage and the threat of imminent terrorist attacks.

The American electoral system is unraveling before our eyes. The candidates from both parties appear to be unsuitable for the presidency. What a choice for the American people to have to make — basically they will be electing the “best of the worst” or the least unpopular of the most unpopular.

Some of the disenfranchised voters are so disgusted by the available choices in this election, that they are looking elsewhere to alternative options such as the Green Party, the Peace and Freedom Party, the Socialist Party and any other fix for the current unworkable capitalist system. People want change and they want it soon.

Both of the candidates are strongly distrusted, and neither of them has much to offer in the way of concrete solutions. There is no “magic” solution for the myriad of problems facing our nation today — racial conflicts, violent protest demonstrations, discrimination towards minority populations, the lack of good jobs with reasonable wages and ISIS terrorism. To truly believe that any one political party or one presidential candidate can solve these problems, which have taken years to accumulate is, at best, naïve.

On one side of the spectrum, we have the Trump, who has been compared with Adolph Hitler and has extreme xenophobic and racist tendencies. Trump acts and speaks publicly as though he is incapable of filtering what comes out of his mouth before he says it.  

However in some cases, his behavior has caught the attention of voters who want a candidate who will blow the political system and political correctness to smithereens.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Clinton, who many consider a liar and a “white collar criminal.” According to The Washington Post, FBI director James B. Comey found 110 emails on Clinton’s private email server that were classified at the time they were either sent or received, which put the nation’s security at a tremendous risk.

Clinton denies that she ever sent or received classified emails, and after a FBI investigation she was exonerated and avoided indictment — but should she have been?

No matter who wins the 2016 election, if some real, solid solutions are not found, and soon, we may have passed the point of no return in protecting our form of government as it was originally outlined in the U.S. Constitution. The American election system and the integrity of our presidential candidates has deteriorated dramatically throughout the years.

The current candidates seem to have lost the unique qualities of integrity, honesty and trust which are so important in any relationship — whether it be between family members or a president and the electorate of his/her nation.

Each voter must search deep within themselves and ask what they want to see in the next four years. Our collective goal, as a nation, should be to make the next President of the United States and his or her administration answerable to the needs of “We the People.”