No suspects in homicide case

Louis LaVenture,

The San Leandro Police Department confirmed yesterday that despite no suspects being arrested, the investigation into the May 15 shooting death of Dariel Arreola, 28, that happened in San Leandro, is still ongoing.

SLPD Lieutenant Robert McManus said yesterday, “Nothing else right now. Still hoping to find witnesses who can identify the suspect or provide additional information to assist in our investigation.” McManus also said if there is new information it will be released.

Arreola was shot at the Senior Community Center at 13909 E. 14th St. when he walked outside of a first communion celebration he was attending. It is still unclear if the suspect or suspects were on foot or in a vehicle. When officers arrived at the scene, they found multiple vehicles crashed near E. 14th St. & 138th Ave., according to SLPD.

Arreola’s family held a candlelight vigil the day after his death at the same location, which was heavily patrolled by SLPD as well as the Hayward Police Department. It is unknown whether the family has planned a service or funeral as of publication time.

McManus also confirmed that Arreola was probably an intended target since there were other adults and children outside and he was the only victim. Anyone with information is advised to contact SLPD at (510) 577-3230.