The misdirection of Ted Cruz


Illustration by Crystal Jeffers

Sean McCarthy,

When compared to the reckless, boisterous, foul-mouthed Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, 45, is calm and sensible. He does not throw temper-tantrums and is likeable, which, unfortunately, causes people to believe in his false truths.

Cruz has all of the makings of a supposed fine president. He is a Christian man with European features, even though he is part Hispanic; he looks good on television. Cruz appeals to people who believe the Ten Commandments takes precedence over the Constitution, millionaires and Americans who believe America was better before colored immigrants arrived.

Cruz is a peddler of misinformation and misrepresentation of political values. When Cruz speaks, the same three topics come up: God, “The Wall” and ISIS.

God is an important part of many lives in our country, but he is not supposed to be a part of our legislation. That’s why we have separation of church and state. God has become a focal point of Cruz’s campaign in his fight against same-sex marriage and he is on record saying that Christians are being persecuted because they don’t have the right to refuse service to gay couples. This idea that Christians are being attacked because they cannot discriminate against same-sex couples is laughable.

Cruz’s endorsement of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico must be deconstructed. Cruz is the Hispanic who “dislikes” Mexicans, which makes him okay with whites. It is true, Mexicans are taking jobs. However, they are working in professions that Americans do not want, in agricultural fields or the backs of restaurants.

The notion that they are responsible for stealing American jobs and are a large portion of our national debt is asinine. Donald Trump says that Mexico sends over rapists and drug dealers. He forgets to mention that he hires the ‘best and brightest’ Mexicans to make his Trump clothing line, in Mexico.

Bank of America, Apple, Walgreens, Dell Computers and Linksys are all familiar American companies that outsource some portions of their operations, according to information group, Companies that Outsource. A wall will not stop a corporation from outsourcing. A wall does not stop wire transfers into politicians accounts.

Cruz masks the true culprits, the real thieves: extremely rich Americans who outsource to avoid taxes. Cruz has openly called for gays to be banned from the military and same-sex marriage unconstitutional yet he willingly accepted a $1 million donation from Peter Thiel, a gay venture capitalist and billionaire, in 2012, according to Jay Root of the Texas Tribune. Cruz will bend his own values for anybody with deep pockets.

Our unemployment rate of 5 percent is the lowest in eight years, since George W. Bush left office, with a rate of 10 percent, says Jeanne Sahadi of CNN Money. We had a deficit of $1.4 trillion when Bush left and are now at $486 billion, a drop of two-thirds according to That money was mainly spent funding our war against the Taliban and searching for weapons of mass destruction. Ted Cruz plans to do the same in Syria.

Cruz incites vigor in easily excitable Americans with his use of phrases such as “carpet-bomb” to extinguish ISIS. Carpet bombing is when a plane flies over an area and drops one bomb after another, which creates a carpet of explosions. This tactic of carpet-bombing households with civilians inside goes against our very fiber as Americans. Like his wall plan, he knows that this will never work. He only says this because it sounds good. He is lying to the American people about what he will do, just to receive a vote.

Cruz is a bad choice to become our next leader. If elected, he will destroy a woman’s right to abortion, Obamacare which is the insurance lifeline to millions of Americans and our constitutional rights to equality, gay or straight.

The GOP only represents the wealthiest top 1 percent of Americans in regards to financial policy but misdirect attention to less significant issues. There is no good choice out of the primary GOP candidates. They push an agenda that God, Mexicans and ISIS are the most important issues in our nation, which is simply not true. The GOP policies aim to keep the population ignorant on real issues, divided by our cultures and financially crippled.