Its just a walk to class

Alfonso Galindo,

Students complain about it time and time again: the lack of parking at Cal State East Bay. Students use the lack of parking spaces as an excuse to arrive late to their classes, explaining that they had trouble finding parking but really they had difficulty discovering that perfect parking spot closest to their class.

CSUEB is known as a commuter college, with most of its students living off-campus. Most students knew this when they applied. Please, excuse the university if there is not a spot open closest to your class but why not find a spot about 100 yards further and burn off that creamer in your coffee. It’s healthy to engage in physical activity.

But the reality of it is, a student can most likely make it to their class in the same amount of time they spend when they search for a parking spot. Students are wasting their time by waiting for a closer spot, they can easily just park in a further space or lot and make it to class on time.

Let’s face it, students on average have to walk a quarter of a mile, that takes five minutes to get to class which is approximately from Lot G to Meiklejohn Hall. The 10 to 15 minutes a student spends checking their Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat feeds in the morning is valuable time they could be using to be punctual. Priorities, people!

Now on to logistics. According to 2013 data – the most recent provided by CSUEB parking services – there are roughly 4,752 parking spots for approximately 14,823 students that are enrolled at CSUEB. Granted, that does not fit enough cars, but there are always lots open with plenty of spaces. The university has attempted to better accommodate parking needs by adding an “overflow” lot next to Meiklejohn Hall that has 237 spaces. It is less than a quarter of a mile from campus and it’s made of gravel.

The university is currently in summer quarter and is renovating two key lots, A and B, so 505 spots are temporarily unavailable to faculty, students and staff. Despite this loss there are still plenty of spots in campus parking lots just a few minutes away.

The amount of students enrolled in summer classes is significantly less than any other quarter so parking should not be a problem.

The average college student at CSUEB is 24 years of age and fully capable of walking more than a mile. If they are unable to walk to class there are services that can transport students to class — let’s use our legs, find a spot, regardless of how far it is and walk the distance to your class.
Enjoy the breeze, the clouds, the view and the university on your way to class.