YouTubers becoming traditional?

Bryan Cordova,
Metro and Spanish Editor

Earlier today Mamrie Hart, 1/3rd of the YouTube “Holy Trinity” announced she has a book coming out. She is now the last member of the trio of to reveal she has a book deal since Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen) and Grace Helbig (ItsGrace) both had books published earlier this year.

While I’m happy for all the success they had this year with Camp Takota, #nofiltershow, and heyUSA, I’m a little disappointed that they’re joining the bandwagon that is celebrities “writing” their own books. There’s a huge number of books that celebrities say are their own, but what they purposely fail to mention is that they had a ghost writer. I’m not doubting they had a lot to do with it, nor do I doubt they are intelligent enough to,  but do we really believe Snooki has the discipline to sit down and write her novel? It’s just becoming a disappointment when a book becomes a best seller due to celebrity influence over literary merit.

It’s also just becoming a bit uncomfortable that these content creating YouTubers are following the traditional media schemes and taking steps backward in entertainment. YouTube used to be a place for different content, a less traditional and more original and digital source of entertainment. I’d rather watch @summerbreak than any other reality show on television because of the originality it offers and the social media integration it follows.

Now we have new media celebrities like Shane Dawson making movies, more of them writing books, even Troye Sivan just released his own album.

I hope these recent moves don’t become a new trend for YouTubers to take steps backwards; Grace and Hannah’s books stayed true to their own styles but Shane Dawson’s movie fell short of his own style of humor.

I know we shouldn’t prevent YouTubers from being authors, musicians, and artists but I just hope they earn the merit they deserve instead of franchising themselves as products with their digital influence. We are all aware of how traditional media is trying to use digital influences to promote products, just look at Christina Grimmie on the Voice, Chester See on Rock of Ages, or even the not so digitally talented but still an online influence Kendall Jennar being named the face of Estee Lauder, but that was more Kardashian influence than digital (see letter). Even internet beauty guru Bethany Mota was on Dancing with the Stars.

Digital influence should be used responsibly and true to their fans and steer clear of traditional media products with profit only agenda’s. With all that being said I still preordered Mamrie’s book, she’s funny and I could always use more #YDAD drink recipes.