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The next morning, I woke up feeling weird. I felt nauseous. I had a knot in my stomach, still shocked, from what I watched. My mother had been dealing with a cold at the time. She could not shake it. I remember my mom being sick in mid-January, nothing out of the norm. A cold, some congestion, sniffles, and sneezing, which would later develop and turn into a cough. My mother was dealing with this cold she could not shake in January, which carried into the month February.
I work at a grocery store. After watching those videos about COVID, I was very afraid that I might have brought the coronavirus home to my mother. I began to worry that my mother was sick with the virus. I was nervous, scared, and anxious that this virus had already entered my home and gotten to my mother all because of me. My grandfather is a diabetic, who lives with me. He is a double amputee with congestive heart failure, which means he has water around his lungs. With my fear, I did want to risk the possibility of contracting the virus myself or being asymptomatic and bringing that to my grandfather because of his pre-existing conditions. I decided to resign from my job at Raley’s to protect my family’s health and mine.