Quotes from the Quad

Quotes from the Quad

“What do you think about the defunding of Planned Parenthood?”

“People do not realize the many things Planned Parenthood does! People assume it is just for abortions when in reality it gives free screenings, testing, and other preventative care services. This helps so many people who cannot afford healthcare. Basically, this helps so many people, so why are they taking it away from people who really need it. I am not saying the government doesn’t care about its people but… It does not care about its people.”
– Susana Martinez, Senior




“The biggest issue is that people focus on the obvious abortion topic, but what they tend to not understand is that Planned Parenthood is more than that. It is an institution that provides protection, birth control, and other support that some people may not otherwise be able to afford.”- Zack Gomez, Senior





“I think it is absolutely bonkers to take away money from Planned Parenthood. People in need this system to work and if they can’t get the help from government programs like these where can they go for help then.”
– Robert Diaz-Brandt, Senior






“Defunding Planned Parenthood is probably not a good idea, as it’s one of the main organizations people go to for preventive care. Taking away funding is going to lead people to more costly situations, like pregnancy, STD treatment, and more.”
– Mario Neblina, Senior





“I think a lot of women need Planned Parenthood and that taking away funding will definitely affect women in a negative way, as they will not have anywhere to go for medical and preventative services.”
– Brooke Hodgkinson, Senior




“I believe that every student and everybody has a right to these kind of programs, and it is immoral to remove them and not provide assistant to those who need them.”

– Fernando Menjivar, Junior