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The Pioneer

Primrose Hill

Voices from London: Can you do something you love as a career?

Loralie Yumang,
August 31, 2016

Our study abroad trip to London has taught me a very important outlook: your major does not define every aspect of your being, as us college students like to believe. This study abroad program is essentially...

Getting lost in the underground tube station confirms my thoughts that it's not so much about your destination, it's about the journey.

People, Places and Things

Lanee Woodard,
August 31, 2016



Across the pond: A student in London

Kris Stewart,
Managing Editor
August 26, 2015

It was my first week in London. I, along with my classmates were touring the area when I noticed a group of protestors with their signs held up in the air and the words #SaveTaxi written on them. As cars,...

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