Voices from London: Can you do something you love as a career?

Loralie Yumang,

Our study abroad trip to London has taught me a very important outlook: your major does not define every aspect of your being, as us college students like to believe.

This study abroad program is essentially a collection of communication classes, but the catch is that I am an accounting student. As an accounting major, everything is cut and dry, and everything needs to add up: A plus B equals C. Taking a communications class and using a camera as I’ve done in London was a whole new experience for me.

Prior to this trip abroad, my only camera experience was limited to my iPhone. As the course has progressed, I have found myself falling more and more in love with the idea of taking pictures and video to capture the moments around me to present a message.

I recently told a friend of mine back home, who wants to work in the movie industry, about my new found love for creating a message using still images and video, and his response was “career change!” My first thought was, well I do not think I would change my career due to finding a new love, but I have found a new way to express myself creatively. Then I thought, is it possible to do something you love just for the love of doing it anymore?