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Indie Band Enchants Bay Area

Front man Dallas Green during one of his powerful performances Saturday.

Indie rock group “City and Colour” performed at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco Saturday night, skillfully playing 15 songs and entrancing attendees with their creative and honest music.

Lead singer and front man Dallas Green, under his cleverly eponymous moniker, staged the Fillmore for two nights, off the heels of just releasing his third solo album “Little Hell,” and with it more honest and creative than ever.

“There’s really no other city I’d rather spend playing two shows in,” said Green to the crowd after his first set. “Truly, this is one of the best venues we’ve played at, and we’re so grateful you’re all here to support our music.”

Opening with “We Found Each Other in the Dark” and following with “Death of Me” and “Waiting,” the charismatic Canadian superstar brought meaning and honesty to music in a way that kept fans in a sort of powerful trance for over an hour.

Embarking on a solo career since 2005, after being a part of heavy punk band Alexisonfire, front man Dallas Green has slowly trickled into the American music scene, with many in attendance Saturday night exemplifying his growing popularity in the states.

Green began releasing “City and Colour” songs on the Internet for fans to download in early 2004, eventually compiling and rewriting several of these songs to make his first album, “Sometimes.” The full-length debut was released on November 1, 2005 to a strong reception.

If there is one thing attendees were left with Saturday night was “City and Colour’s” signature minimalist acoustic sound, a man, his guitar and a voice that touches the soul.

Green is phenomenally talented, with gifted, fiery songwriting capabilities, a diverse and powerful instrument aptitude and an angelic voice.

His sweet voice, accompanied by intimate, passionate and emotive lyrics makes Green a joy to see perform and hear, as his music strikes a powerful chord that only truly great music can do.

Simply put, he can sing a beautifully simple melody and make it sound like heaven, just by being him, and for that “City and Colour” many say is a group to watch in the coming years.

Songs such as “As Much as I Ever Could,” “Sleeping Sickness” and “Little Hell” presented Green’s songwriting forte Saturday night, with intelligent phrases and words which penetrate the soul of every romantic, like something out of a book of poems.

Green had an easy and relatable quality to him at the show, drinking beer between songs and saying jokes to keep the crowd entertained.

He thoroughly engaged the crowd, using the mic in the crowd trick with ballad “What Makes a Man” and asking people to turn off their electronic devices and cameras for harmonica strung “Body in a Box” and to “just enjoy it for a while and forget about everything else.”

Yet, for someone so praised Green remained humble, singing, “I’m like a jack of all trades who’s a master of none,” yet his performance Saturday simply affirmed his subtle brilliance.

He sung and spoke as if he’s not sure as to why everybody thinks he’s so awesome, while fans regularly shouted and screamed at the top of their lungs their love for his music and their devotion to his work.

While most of his music is folk-like, soft and slow, Green also manages to write some fantastic mid-tempo songs which sit comfortably somewhere between his energy and his recluse, appearing amazingly slick at the show.

Backed up by beguiling and striking guitar riffs, Green’s performance at the Fillmore in the end entranced and dazed, which for any musician is the optimal effect.

“I really do mean it with all of my heart when I say thank you for coming,” said Green. “You guys make all of this worth it, really thank you.”

His performance with his band was good, accompanied by a rotating number of Canadian indie rock musicians, such as Daniel Romano and Spencer Burton of Attack in Black, yet Green and his singing absolutely commanded the show, with his guitarist breaking out into a solo piece mid show that was impressively done but lack luster in personality.

Ending with his most famous song “Home,” and followed by “Sometimes (I Wish)” from their very first album in 2005, “City and Colour” left the crowd at the Fillmore more devoted than ever to the poignant sound that has started a growing and emerging following in the states.

“We’re from Ontario, Canada and we’re ‘City and Colour.’ We’re here to play our music,” said Green simply before the show. “We’re glad you’re here with us, and we’re glad you love music just as much as we do. Now, let’s make this great.”

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Indie Band Enchants Bay Area