Editor’s Story Prompts Community Action

Linda Lemos
Budget Analyst

My name is Linda Lemos and I work in the Facilities Development & Operations Department.  I just want to share how very much I like the articles by Yousuf Fahimuddin covering topics of the city of Hayward.  They are extremely well written and one, in particular, had a profound effect on me.  The article covered the mayor’s state of the city address.  What jumped out at me was the poor performance of Hayward schools.  I thought, how sad that perhaps many of the students might not have an opportunity to attend CSUEB because of poor performance.  Not only did I think that, but I felt compelled to talk with the mayor.  I met with him yesterday afternoon and I shared with him how the article prompted my visit and that I just wanted to help in some small way by praying for him and the school district on a continual basis.  We had a great discussion; I thanked him for his many years of service to the city, and then had the opportunity to pray for him and will continue to do so.  Bottom line is that Yousuf’s article touched the heart of someone who read it, who then stepped out in her own way and took action to connect with the community CSUEB serves.  Awesome!  Thank you so much Yousuf and I look forward to more of your articles!