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Letter to the Editor: CSUEB name change

February 12, 2015

This letter was submitted in January 2015.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ten years ago this month CSU Hayward divorced Hayward, its main campus name of 42 years and married East Bay..

No other CSU before or since had or has 1) dropped a 30 or 40 year old main campus name to take a new one, 2) dropped a local-narrow name to take a regional-wide name. The few CSU name changes have all been wide-regional to local-narrow without exception.

The historical norm for CSU and for UC main campus names has been city and/or county names. Review them CSU by CSU, UC by UC, if you have any doubts.
I have submitted many letters to The Pioneer editors in these ten years. Several have been published.

I request that the editors critically, independently, evaluate, examine, investigate, study the only public files on the name change. You should find identical copies of the files in three locations: 1) the President’s office, 2) the University library, 3) the City Clerk’s Office, City of Hayward.

You will find not find one iota of evidence in the files that CSU in Hayward is as regional or more regional than any other CSU. On the contrary.

So ask, based on the evidence, how and why is a CSU East Bay born before a CSU South Bay(San Jose), before a CSU West Bay(San Francisco), before a CSU North Bay(Sonoma)?. Each of the three is surely as regional or more regional than CSU in Hayward. At the least, shouldn’t the four Bay Area CSUs have kept their respective local-narrow names up to the same date, then taken their respective regional-wide names simultaneously?

You may also may find the files unworthy of any CSU because they fall short in many important respects of university research and scholarship standards for classes and degrees. Shouldn›t a university that confers bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees have an even higher standard for its own research and scholarship?

Would any other CSU have submitted such files in support of a main campus n ame change?

Peter D. Reimer
CSU Alumni

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