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Letter to the Editor: Corinthian Colleges

May 20, 2015

Andrea Dupree’s article about the Corinthian Colleges (May 14, 2015) was interesting; however, she left out an important component to the story. The federal Department of Education, as well as the office of the state Attorney General, has known for years that Corinthian was in big trouble. They should...

Letter to the Editor

Teresa Marie,
Castro Valley Resident

October 2, 2014

Thoughts gone poetic In response to 8-21-14 police brutality symptom The problem is directly a result of power hungry criminally minded monsters who my guess think or thought they could take over “this” world (community) by using excessive force, fear, punishment, sexual & financial abuse as...

Letter to the Editor

Jodi Servatius,
Professor Emerita, Educational Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies California State University, East Bay

October 2, 2014

Sonia Waraich’s article Upcoming Accreditation Propels University’s Assessment Reforms (9/25) was a remarkable piece of reporting and deserves special attention. Using her own research, Ms. Waraich has comprehensively described an important, yet complicated process. The writing is clear and accurate...

Letter to the Editor

Mark Gonzales, Newark Resident

September 24, 2014

Laura Chapman’s article “The Cost of Legalizing Marijuana” fails to ask the questions “why?” and “Why does it matter?” What is the aim of this change? It seems Ms. Chapman is inferring that money, revenue, or wealth is the final aim, but wealth can never be a final aim. Wealth is a means,...

Letter to the Editor

Shaun Nissen,
CSUEB senior, Carnegie SVRA user, and former high school newspaper editor

August 28, 2014

The Pioneer Editor, In regard to August 14, 2014’s edition – more specifically the article Carnegie park rides on report, that discusses the alleged expansion of Carnegie SVRA into Tesla Park, many facts within the article are skewed and purportedly untrue. Reading through this article, I...

Letter to the Editor

Brian Sowers,
CSU East Bay Equipment Technician

August 21, 2014

Here we are, employees of this fine institution, coming to work diligently day in and day out. Some of us have multiple cars that we like to drive. We try to make sure that the parking tag follows us into the "other" car but, alas, it's human nature to be in a rush and we get to work without said tag....

Letter to the Editor

June 13, 2014

Yousuf: I was pleased to learn the results of our local mayoral vote from your newspaper. It was right there at the news rack by the downtown Post Office and my look at the Wednesday local paper hadn’t shown any information. Your grammar could be improved by not putting an “s” after names...

To President Obama: Please respect internet neutrality

May 22, 2014

Dear Mr. President, I received your form letter from the Washington D.C. Democratic Committee, asking if I still have your back? As if our vote were a show of some kind of allegiance to your person. I never had your back; this is not a basketball game, whatever happened to the change we voted for...

Thanks to community service volunteers

May 8, 2014

Dear Pioneer, I would like to take a moment to thank the students, faculty, and staff of CSUEB and Chabot that volunteered and provided tremendous support to our Hayward Promise Neighborhood Healthy Promise Run, Walk, Stroll, Roll & Community Resource Expo on Saturday, April 5th. As we heard,...

New shuttle route deserves a chance

May 1, 2014

To The Pioneer: For Winter 2013 Quarter I was assigned a POSC1201 project that would investigate the reasons and possible solutions to a problem that was going on in the community or on campus. I chose a campus-based problem but soon realized that it also was a community-based problem. Later, I decided...

Restore CSU Hayward

April 24, 2014

If President Morishita wants the university to walk like a CSU in Hayward, talk like a CSU in Hayward, look like a CSU in Hayward, be supported as a CSU in Hayward, then the university should call itself CSU HAYWARD. As it did for 43 years. He may not duck the question. Almost all CSUs, Bakersfield to...

Union claims are untrue

April 24, 2014

I would like to respond to statements in your April 17, 2014 article attributed to the Carpenters Local Union 46 suggesting that CSUEB “did not require the contractor, Sundt or their subcontractors to pay fair wages, fair hours, nor proper working conditions for the construction of the five-story replacement...

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