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Letter to the Editor

Teresa Marie,
Castro Valley Resident

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Thoughts gone poetic
In response to 8-21-14 police brutality symptom

The problem is directly a result of power hungry criminally minded monsters who my guess think or thought they could take over “this” world (community) by using excessive force, fear, punishment, sexual & financial abuse as their tools.

We the people dislike and or are disgusted and vengeful for extremely valid reasons.

I would know my fictitious brother is one of them (or at least affiliated)

RAPING, BEATING, THREATENING, never has a job longer than 3 maybe 6 months and has an endless cash flow available to him, never going to jail. It’s goddamn rape for goodness sake.

Using one person to connect to others and then threatening them to snitch or be faced with ridiculous charges and time in jail. Don’t comply, rebel? Then watch out for a beautiful case of framing and or charges that are complete BS for example they try saying this one girl stole a car every time they illegally pulled her over as a form of fear.

Don’t wonder why people protect and or arm themselves with weapons and guns or do drugs to stay awake. They are scared.

Yes! Even the gangsters, thugs and mob bosses.

Brilliant idea! Criminals become police with the goal of using authority of badge to rob and overpower smaller or even organized business gangsters.

Problem is when it turns into covering up childrens deaths, condoning rape and flat out terrorism.

Yes we should encourage a different generation and different blood line, unrelated to any previous diverse group of youth to rise to the occasion of real serve and protect for actual worthy crimes like ID theft and abuse ect ect not J walking or smoking in public.

In closing the people who mostly already know that if you stand up to these (obviously scared as well) corrupt officers they will do everything to stop you, oppress, abuse, inhumanely degrade and starve (figuratively and literally) any person. Let alone any person who can prove it all.

Denial of internet, cell phone, vehicle, food stamps, unemployment, family, death ben/insurance, leaving you with NOTHING literally and with NO WAY, literally no way to fight back. No money, no bart, bus, phone, food, paper filing etc except anyone can file a complaint with any police department and it automatically becomes an INTERNAL INVESTIGATION.

Giving timing is my guess.

The symptom is just part of it is being misinformed there are symptoms because the whole county of alameda and parts of California are corrupt my money hungry, sexually driven officers who have clearly been given permission to and trained to be monsters and again my guess is with specific targets for reasons I don’t care to know.

Watch out though because people are fed up and gathering evidence for some years now. At least that’s what I’ve heard through the grapevine, peers electronic devices and radio broadcasting, ie news/newspapers/apps.

Sincerely suffering painful effects, calm and pissed!

California State University East Bay
Letter to the Editor