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Police brutality exposed at forum

Photo by Yousuf Fahimuddin

Yousuf Fahimuddin,

February 18, 2016

A forum focused on police brutality drew citizens who shared testimonies of their personal experiences at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Oakland on Feb 11. The Coalition for Police Accountability hosted the forum to invite the community to speak on their experiences with police brutal...

#BlackLivesMatter: More than just a hashtag

Onyx Organizating Committee co-chair Cat Brooks and mother of Alan Blueford, Jeralynn Blueford comfort mother of James Rivera, Dionne Smith Downs.

Andréa Duprée,
Copy Editor

May 20, 2015

Whether it was a punishment, or a mundane chore, it can easily be assumed that most people with a childhood have been faced with the daunting task of cleaning a room that was so overwhelmingly messy or unorganized they did not know where to begin. Most parents would say, “Pick a corner and start there.”...

California State University East Bay
Oscar Grant