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The Pioneer

‘CORE’ building will be replacing the library

'CORE' building will be replacing the library

Daniel McGuire,
Staff Writer

March 14, 2018

As of 2016, the CSUEB library is still number five on the CSU Seismic Priority List, a list of buildings that are to be seismically retrofit. The university has plans to replace the building with the Collaborative Opportunities in Research and Engagement (CORE). The university was given a budget of $82...

A new “CORE” for East Bay

A new “CORE” for East Bay

Kali Persall,
Managing Editor

May 31, 2017

Just four years after Warren Hall, Cal State East Bay’s former largest building, was imploded due to seismic vulnerability, the campus is preparing to replace another relic in 2020 due to similar safety concerns. The Hayward campus library building, which was constructed in 1971 and is number f...

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