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The Pioneer

Stop pitting women against each other on social media

Photo courtesy of David Melchor Diaz/Flickr

Elizabeth Avalos,
Staff Writer

April 7, 2016

In the current digital age we live in, social media reigns over most of our lives. We convince our online following that we are the protagonists of a perfect life, and we subtly but voluntarily compete with each other through the way we portray ourselves on our personal online accounts. But for some, especi...

2015: A year in hashtags

2015: A year in hashtags

Kris Stewart,
Managing Editor

January 9, 2016

Politics #Trump dominated the trending topics section across all social media platforms due to his crass, unfiltered comments on immigration, terrorism and pretty much every other subject brought up during GOP debates. With suggestions like deporting all Muslims, suggesting that Hispanics that come to t...

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