A Gift From the Heart: Fremont Bank Foundation Donates $750,000 to St. Rose Hospital Foundation

Capriccia Thomas, Health Editor

To strengthen Health Services for the Alameda County Community, the funds will enhance the cardiac catheterization laboratory equipment

HAYWARD, Calif. —One of the greatest gifts to receive is a gift from the heart. On Feb.14, the Fremont Bank Foundation donated $750,000 to the St. Rose Hospital Foundation for a new catalyst cardiac catheterization machine that ensures that patients and health care providers have access to advanced equipment for procedures. 

It’s truly a timely touch from the heart. Not only was the donation given on Valentine’s Day, but also during American Heart Month. “This donation from the Fremont Bank Foundation is centered around the heart. They truly put their heart into everything that they do because of the size of their large heart and how they provide care and love to everyone in the community,” stated Michael Cobb, Foundation Executive Director, St. Rose Hospital.

This trailblazing equipment, Philips Azurion 7 C20, replaces an older version of the cardiac machine, which is no longer in use. Located in Hayward, Calif., St. Rose Hospital receives emergency transport of patients from other Bay Area hospitals. 

St. Rose Hospital Receiving Canter is a STEMI (ST-elevation myocardial infarction)-designated only for hospitals and staff who meet the meticulous requirements of transferring a patient to the cardiac catheterization lab from the emergency room in 90 minutes or less.

It’s imperative to have this machine available for heart attacks patients needing life-saving operations. Cardiac catheterization is an invasive imaging procedure that allows doctors to monitor heart function, according to the Cleveland Clinic. The procedure evaluates the presence of heart disease, such as coronary heart disease, and determines the need for further treatment (bypass graft surgery and more).

“This saves lives. It’s able to assess what’s going on, see what the need is, and provide the necessary services at a moment’s notice,” continued Cobb

Annually, St. Rose Hospital doctors and nurses perform, on average, between 400-500 cardiac diagnostic procedures and manage over 200 STEMI emergencies. In 2021, catheterization laboratory personnel conducted upward of 2,600 non-urgent and emergent cardiac procedures.

“St. Rose Hospital is a needed hospital. To be able to help with the catheterization lab machine and show a commitment to the quality health for our Bay Area community is what we are about. Heart health is so important for our survival. To have the expertise and correct equipment available to save lives is one of the most vital, important areas of providing top-level health to our community”, stated Brian Hughes, Fremont Bank Executive Vice President, and Foundation President and Executive Director.

Fremont Bank Foundation is a family-owned bank that provides financial services and programs to enrich the lives of community members. In collaboration, the Fremont Bank and Fremont Bank Foundation donated a total of $2.7 million in 2021 to tackle food insecurity, housing, healthcare, education, and more. 

The collaborative partnership between St. Rose Hospital and Fremont Bank Foundation exemplifies what it means to serve the Alameda County community. The camaraderie between the two organizations serves as an example of respect and compassion for making a difference in the lives of community members and professional relationships. 

“This is not the first project they have stepped up to help us rebuild and redesign our pharmacy and state-of-the-art clinical laboratory. Fremont Bank Foundation is not only a great organization, but they are great people too. It’s not because of what they have done for us; it’s who they are. We all greatly appreciate it,” concluded Cobb.