Cal State East Bay’s Wednesday Nooners and Overruling of the CDC’s Eviction Moratorium

Monet Troche and Scarlet Schwenk

East Bay Weekly reports on campus and community stories affecting the lives of students and communities surrounding the East Bay.

In this episode we discussed, CSUEB’s ASI Presents held its weekly Wednesday Nooners and on Sept. 1 with Folk/Pop Musician Bobby Jo Valentine and The Supreme Court’s overruling of the CDC’s extension of the eviction moratorium in late August, leaving millions of Americans worried about housing instability as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to overwhelm the country.
We interviewed The Pioneer’s Video Editor, Jhoselyn Morales, and one of our Political Writers, Ariana Jaramillo. We hope you enjoyed watching and we will see you next week!
Video Editors: Monet Troche & Paolo Acob
Production Team: Danalin Villasenor, Adrian Romero, and Vaughn Jones