Owners and creators of unique artisan crafts discuss their businesses’ experiences throughout the pandemic

Kaden Hill, owner, and creator of these one-of-a-kind, refurbished audio speakers, on April 24. Hill noted that social media has been the true savior of his business throughout the pandemic. When he heard that the farmers’ market was opening back up to artisans, he was ecstatic to showcase his work in the community. When I asked about his comfort level regarding Covid-19 and being exposed to many people at the market every week, he said he took a good week to contemplate the risk of returning to the markets but decided to take a chance. “This is what gives me purpose in my life, so if I have to take a risk to be happy, I will take it.”

Dominique Boynton

Photo Essay By Dominique Boynton, CONTRIBUTOR
Sacramento, Calif. – A look at a recently opened section of the Downtown Sacramento Farmers’ Market selling unique creations and what the owners have to say.