Video games, a means of connecting.

Antonio Aguilar, Contributor

Using video games to connect and socializing during quarantine

People are using video games as a means of socializing during this epidemic while we are in quarantine, due to COVID-19 we can’t socialize in person, so others are using video games as an alternative then meeting in person.
“We were all in one place at one time, doing something enjoyable and fun like video games/talking and catching up over voice chat,” said Andrew Constantino, anthropology student at California State University, East Bay and president of the Zeta Omega fraternity. He described how his fraternity formed a video game tournament for members to come together and interact with each other.
“I feel like it is an effective way of connecting with one another, there is a lot of planning and strategy that requires lots of communicating but the outcome is generally to have fun together.”
“The video game tournament was a small local tournament held about a month and a half ago. It consisted of people joining a zoom online meeting, so judges could monitor the players’ screens and there was a prize pool of $50 since there were not more than 20 people. It definitely did help bring those who participated together in these trying times with the COVID-19 shutdown and social distancing.”
People need a means of getting together and to be able to feel a human connection and video games are filling the void that comes with being in quarantine, separated from our friends and loved ones.
“Video games have helped me during quarantine as a means of escaping this new reality. It has helped me distract myself from my grandparent’s cancer and how my grandpa’s chemo is no longer working.” Wesley Hendrix, a student at CSUEB and member of Zeta Omega fraternity, was the host for this video game tournament.
“I hosted a Call of Duty, Warzone tournament, I made it for 15 teams, two persons each, equating to 30 people total, each kill was a point and a top finish granted them points as well… I think the event helped brothers come together but wished more people would’ve participated. I would like to host events around games like Magic the Gathering Arena, Apex Legends, FIFA, Madden and NBA 2k,” Hendrix said, “With games like Among Us, it is very easy to have a laugh and connect with people during this pandemic. I think video games are a good way of connecting with people.”
Video games such as Call of Duty Warzone and Among us are very easy games to connect with people because these games are multiplayer, for Call of Duty Warzone it is a free-roam game that is focused on strategy and tactics. You are dropped into a “warzone” and forced to survive till you are the last player standing.
Among Us is a video game that focuses on sci-fi horror, you are in a group of six to ten people and, within that group, there are one to three imposters and your job as a crewmate is to complete tasks while avoiding getting killed by the imposters.
Among us is special because the game is structured around communication and information control, when someone finds a body, everyone is gathered together and debates on who was where and who did what to find and vote out the imposters.