Are We Home Yet

AJ V.: “With quarantine in place it’s like, everyone’s at each other’s throats more than usual because no one can leave. Especially with, y’know, you’re 21 so you want to leave, you want to go out with your friends, you wanna do this, you wanna do that but at the same time you know you can’t. … I should not just think about myself. I should think about others, my other family too. I have grandparents who are very easy to get sick, my sister has asthma so even allergies are bad for her so. It’s hard, but it’s bearable.”

Christian Martinez, Photographer

There are countless things that we do in life that either reminds us or feels like home to us. It gives us peace of mind and allows us to unplug from everyday anxieties and stress, even if momentarily. Be it our morning routine or our favorite song while stuck in traffic, enjoying the sense of peace that comes from the idea of home can lead to a longing for the next moment where we feel like we’re home.
Are We Home Yet is a series of portraits taken of young adults in front of their homes that explores their relationship with the idea of home while under shelter-in-place orders and their view on what a home is to them in the age of the Covid-19 pandemic. Below are excerpts of answers from each participant when asked about their relationship towards home.