Letter From the Editor

Ethan Alonzo, Editor-In-Chief

As the Editor-In-Chief of The Pioneer Newspaper, it is my responsibility to not sugarcoat things.
The situation regarding COVID-19 is filled with uncertainty. As each day passes, it seems as though things are only getting worse. Day after the day, the reported number of people carrying COVID-19 grows. Events that we have been looking forward to attending for months have now been postponed.
However, we cannot give into the panic. We are stronger than the fear that surrounds us. For every dark moment during this time, there is a speck of light that shines through. While death totals continue to rise, recovery rates are substantially higher. Regardless of the outcome of the recent events, we as a society, and by extension the student body, will be stronger.
While self-isolation can drive a few of us crazy, something good can come out of it. As a society, we’ve taken social interaction and social gatherings for granted. Human beings are social creatures by nature, yet when we are around each other, distractions like cell phones and glowing screens take away from enjoying the moment. When this is all over, and we are able to enjoy each other’s company, quality time will have value once again.
In times of mass panic, the truth is one of the most important things to uphold. Since the beginning of the outbreak, headline after headline, articles about the dangers of COVID-19 and how to “prevent” it flood our social media timelines. When fear mongering takes its roots, everything we read feels like facts. In such a crucial time, we need to fact check information that pertains to COVID-19 otherwise we end up making the situation worse.
While our own safety is top priority, that doesn’t mean acting like a human being takes a back seat. Look out for each other in this time of need. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and do your best to help those in need. Did you buy one to many packs of toilet paper? Why not donate to a household that wasn’t able to buy some. Do you have extra food in your house that you don’t need? Ask around if anyone needs it.
In this time of uncertainty, the one thing aspect of life we can count on is each other. We as a student body, and residents of the Bay Area, must stand other lest we fall apart. Stay safe out there, and don’t lose hope, because things will get better.