Rain stops and clouds part around Pete Buttigieg

Ethan Alonzo, Editor-In-Chief

Rain pouring down across the Las Vegas skyline. Streets flooded, creating rivers that ran through the Nevada streets. Yet, at the Springs Preserve where presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg held his post caucus rally, the clouds parted and a rainbow found its end at a nearby field.
Under a nearby gazebo, both press and supporters gathered to shield themselves from the rain as they patiently waited for the rally to start. Ushered through puddle after puddle, the crowd of both journalists and everyday people filed into the room where Buttigieg would deliver his speech.
The room was anything but quiet. Camera wires acted as tripping hazards while reporters paced the room, preparing for the event to start. Even though the organizers put out countless chairs, it still wasn’t enough as Buttigieg supporters stood next to the wall and behind the press line.
The sound of microphone test phrases carried over the chatter. However, once the music started, chants filled the room as the crowd knew what was happening next. The mob of supporters lower their voices once Buttigieg’s team steps up to the podium. As Assembly Woman Sandra Jauregui ended her segment about Buttigieg, she utters the phrase “please welcome the future President of the United States, Pete Buttigieg!”
As soon as those words leave her mouth, the crowd erupts. Those sitting jump from their seats. Cameras zone in on the opening door by the stage. As soon as Buttigieg steps into view, one word is said: Pete.
Buttigieg reflects on his run so far and how proud he is of those who support him. In one of the most memorable moments of the rally, Buttigieg recalls a speech he gave at a high school gymnasium.
The lights went out while giving his speech. Yet, he refused to stop speaking. The gymnasium was soon lit up by cell phones and while he could not see the faces behind the dim light, he knew how important his speech was to people.
Buttigieg then invited the crowd at the rally to recreate that moment. The lights in the conference room dimmed and once again, phone lights lit up the podium that Buttigieg stood upon. His speech ended with one goal, to light up America like how his rally was lit up.
With the results out and Buttigieg driving off to his next speech locations, talk of Super Tuesday usurped the conversation. Seeing the results and understanding what has to happen to ensure Buttigieg’s election, supporters look onto Super Tuesday.