Tracing family history in Cuba

Daniel Arevalo,

After visiting the calming, yet intimidating ocean, there was only one last main item on my checklist for my time in Caibarién: La Corneta. Illo said Felix had it stored for him and in the months leading up to my trip Estrella received word of my visit and readied it for me. She kept it safe for Illo for more than 55 years.

When she gave it to me, I stared at it in my hands for a long time. It was rusty, had a dent that I knew grandpa would be displeased with, and it was missing the balloon. I wanted to take that horn to him right then and there. I was so worried that over the following three weeks I was staying in Cuba I would lose or destroy it. Luckily, La Corneta made it safely back home to its owner.