The Golden State Warriors have no time for losing

Bryon Pointer,

After running through the Portland Trail Blazers in a 4-0 spurt in the first round of the NBA Playoffs last month, the Golden State Warriors accomplished yet another 4-0 playoff sweep against the Utah Jazz, concluding the second round of the playoffs with yet another landslide victory.

Monday’s series-ending game concluded with a final score of 121-95. Steph Curry’s 30-point game kept the Jazz at bay for the duration of the game. With as much as a 25-point deficit, the Jazz could hardly keep up with the Warriors’ fast-paced, run-and-gun style of play. Curry went 4-10 from outside the arc, and 9-15 within the perimeter. He ended with 7 assists and only had 2 turnovers.

Although “Splash Brother” Curry erupted in the final game, he wasn’t the only highlight of the series. Three-time scoring champ Kevin Durant went off for a glorious 38 points in game 3 last Saturday. Shooting 58 percent from the field, 4-8 from behind the three-point line, with 13 rebounds, KD led the warriors to a dominating 3-0 lead over the Jazz.

Given the Warriors’ history with playoff injuries, some might have assumed that Durant’s early post-season strained ACL would have hindered both his efficiency and the efficiency of the team, but that was not the case. Their performance in these first two series is proof that Durant and the Warriors are as poised and hungry as ever, standing 8-0 in postseason record.

All signs point to a third rival showdown between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, an intense bout that dates back to the 2014/2015 NBA championship when LeBron James — The King — fell short of another ring against the Warriors. Despite the Warriors’ 73-9 record last year, the Cav’s and the Warriors found themselves matched up again in the rematch of the season. This time King James refused to take no for an answer and the Cavaliers took home the cup in 7 games.

Now, with both teams coming off of back-to-back sweeps, heading into the conference finals with 8-0 runs, fresh legs and high stakes, the stage is just about set. For now, we must stay tuned and stay in the moment, because each team still has one more adversary to defeat in the conference finals.

Can the Warriors steal back their precious championship cup from King James and the Cavs? Or will the Cavaliers send another devastating blow to Curry and the Warriors in back-to-back championships? Both these teams are without a doubt the most dominant teams in the league. The Warriors are rostering four all-star players, which makes their team an unstoppable force. But the Cavaliers, led by King James, are an immovable object. Their battle will be one of sheer will.