Warriors players bond through Olympics

Marissa Marshall,
Staff Writer

One of the most exciting sporting events, the 2016 Summer Olympics, is right around the corner and three Golden State Warriors will represent the United States.

Warriors Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and the latest addition superstar small forward, Kevin Durant were all officially named to the team in May for the XXXI Olympiad from Aug. 5 to 21.

The opportunity to play amongst and against the best players in the world is a special opportunity, but it goes deeper for the Warriors.

With three players on the team, it helps enhance the bond they will have with each other and carry over into the 2016-2017 NBA season.

Thompson and Green are familiar with each other, but being on team USA with Durant creates an opportunity for the new guy to become familiar with two key veteran players on the Dubs.

Durant comes to Oakland from one of the NBA’s best teams, the Oklahoma City Thunder, to a team that is built on teamwork and just had a record breaking 73-9 regular season.

It will be an adjustment and huge transition, but the Olympics being just before the NBA season will be highly beneficial.

The three Warriors will essentially spend two months around each other, getting used to each other, knowing each other and learning tendencies on and off the court.

They will be able to see how each other play first hand and what they need to work on in order for things to flow before the season even begins.

This is very important, especially for Durant, who will try to find his role on a team with a slew of superstars like the two-time reigning NBA Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry.

Durant is used to being the star of the team — the Thunder relied on Durant to make things happen with former teammate guard Russell Westbrook. Transitioning to a team that emphasizes team basketball is a huge change for Durant and will take some getting used to. That’s where the beauty of the Olympics being right before his transition is great.

The Olympic team is not centered around one player. Each player is seen as a role player, no matter how big of a star they are, and that is what Durant will be once he begins playing with the Warriors.

Every player has to understand that no matter how good they are, they are all role players in order for them to win a championship.

When players create bonds and know each other, especially entering a new season, playing for a new team makes things easier and comfortable, particularly for Durant.

For example, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Lebron James all had relationships before playing with each other for the Miami Heat from 2011 to 2014. This was extremely beneficial for them and helped them reach success because of their bonds off the court. It brings a sense of comfort and brotherhood when playing on the court.

Durant playing with Thompson and Green this summer can create that sense of comfort and make him feel at home, even before he steps foot in Oakland, which is important for the team.

If Durant has already mingled with two of the Warriors’ best, the three guys can carry that energy over to the entire Warriors team.

The more comfortable the entire team is with each other before season starts, the better chance they have at starting the season off on a good note, instead of taking time in the beginning to feel each other out.