Library courtyard gets a makeover

Kali Persall,
Managing Editor

Navigating the University Library entrance, or grabbing a cup of coffee from the campus Starbucks, will take a little longer than usual this summer as a construction zone is blocking all downstairs access points.

White detour signs direct patrons to enter the library through the second story entrance, which is wheelchair-accessible.

This construction project will restrict access to the entirety of the library courtyard from June 13 until July 25, according to Jaleh Behrouze, project manager for East Bay’s Planning, Design and Construction department. However, detour signs around campus indicate that the courtyard will be closed until August 9.

The library and Starbucks were temporarily closed last week and reopened the following Monday, according to Behrouze. For convenience, the bay card photo ID station is temporarily relocated to the campus bookstore until September 2.

Other library services, including the Student Center for Academic Achievement, Starbucks, Information Technology Services, Accessibility Services and Veterans Affairs will continue to operate throughout the summer, according to Behrouze.