Students, staff push for all gender bathroom


Louis LaVenture,
News and Sports Editor

For the transgender community, bathroom selection can be tough.

Most bathrooms are designated for either men or women; however, Cal State East Bay has started to buck the trend, somewhat.

The Diversity and Inclusion Student Center will hold an informative session and play a documentary about the progress of converting bathrooms from men and women to all gender.

The meeting is scheduled for 11 a.m. today at the DISC on the Hayward campus. Liam Hawkyard, a transfer student and psychology major who works in the DISC on the Hayward campus, recently surveyed all of the bathrooms on campus and found 16 all gender restrooms. Hawkyard said the fight to add more gender inclusive bathrooms has been going on for years and has been led by faculty like Luz Calvo and Dee Schull.

“Most transgender people don’t have the option to use the bathroom safely,” Hawkyard said. “Anytime they use a public facility they are putting their life at risk.”

Hawkyard referred to the problem many transgender people face on whether to use the men or women’s restrooms and the issues it can cause with others. According to Hawkyard, the 16 current gender inclusive bathrooms are in “difficult to find areas.” Two bathrooms on the first floor of Meiklejohn Hall were the most recently converted into all gender bathrooms.

According to the CSUEB website, there are 11 gender inclusive bathrooms on campus and the school, “will continue to create more gender inclusive bathrooms where it is possible in our current buildings. Moving forward, all new construction of buildings will include gender inclusive bathrooms.”

Student involvement has been something that has been difficult to mount according to Hawkyard.

“We are hopeful that this will get more students involved, this is a serious issue,” Hawkyard said. “The transgender population here is three percent compared to the national average of one percent.”