East Bay SPCA’s new video encourages pet adoption

YouTube / East Bay SPCA

Shannon Stroud, Metro Editor

The East Bay SPCA released a purr-fectly fun new YouTube video on April 21 to encourage the adoption of furry friends and getting pets spayed and neutered in the Bay Area.

The parody video “Oaktown Pup” featured employees of the East Bay SPCA lip-syncing and dancing a long to a new version of Bruno Mars and Marc Ronson’s hit song “Uptown Funk”.

“I’m adopted hallelujah, because Oaktown pup gunna give to you! The time is right for you to adopt and spay and neutered your pup!” sang Brooklyn singer Amanda Shechtman.

“Oaktown Pup” featured a cameo of Oakland Mayor Libby Shaaf, lip-syncing a long to the song. After the video was posted Mayor Shaaf then shared the video on her Facebook, saying it is a “must watch”.

The East Bay SPCA started in 1874 in Oakland to help ensure the humane treatment of horses and other draft animals. Now the East Bay SPCA caters to welfare of cats and dogs in the East Bay community.