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Vegetarian-friendly options around campus

February 12, 2015

Not all dishes that claim to be vegetarian or vegan meet the standard. Some restaurants offer only one or two dishes and mislabel dishes without understanding what restrictions make up the dietary choices of their customers.

Vegetarianism is a diet that does not involve the consumption of any animals, where veganism refuses the consumption of any product derived from an animal including unfertilized chicken eggs and dairy.

Healthy Foods Near Campus

Both diets also require animal fat and grease to be avoided in the cooking process, which leads to difficulty when deciding to eat with meat eating friends. Vegans and vegetarians alike can feel like a burden to friends whom have to take into consideration their dietary choice when going to a restaurant for a social gathering.

What makes matters more difficult is that the limited amount of options on campus almost forces most to eat the fast food option.
Fortunately there are restaurants near campus that offer vegetarian and vegan selections other than just fries or salads.

1. China Best, 26775 Hayward Boulevard, Hayward, California 94542
Just a short walk from campus, this restaurant offers more than 10 vegetarian and vegan dishes, with plenty of chicken, pork, and beef options for friends to enjoy. They even have spice options for some dishes if you want some kick to your plate. Enjoy their lunch special from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily that comes with a side of rice or noodles and comes with a sweet and sour soup.

2. Chavez Market, 24601 Mission Boulevard, Hayward, California 94544
Located right down the hill, this Latin grocery store has a taqueria with more than just a vegetarian burrito. Their all day breakfast dishes include chilaquiles or huevos rancheros that come with salsa, Spanish rice and beans, with meat as an add on choice instead of having to ask to remove it. The grocery store also contains many produce and quick cook dishes.

3. Favorite Indian Restaurant, 24052 Mission Boulevard, Hayward, California 94544
This is an all you can eat buffet style restaurant with vegetarian, vegan, and meat options constantly being replenished. Enjoy some nyan bread (plain or garlic) along with some mushroom curry, while your friends can have some chicken samosas. Buffet visitors can enjoy various amounts of endless dishes and watch Bollywood movies across their many television stands.

4. Red Chili, 29583 Mission Boulevard, Hayward, California 94544
This Thai and Vietnamese fusion of fried rice, fried noodles, and thai curry gives the choices of chicken, pork, beef, tofu or just veggies. If you order the veggies or tofu options, the servers ask if egg is fine with your food, so vegans can feel its safe to eat based on their choice.

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