Hayward’s water plan amended to meet state requirements

Yousuf Fahimuddin,

Hayward City Council met Tuesday night to amend the city’s water crisis plan from 2011 to meet the challenges of the ongoing drought and to comply with the state requirement. The city’s previous water plan made controlling excess water use part of their multi-step water crisis plan voluntary, but it is now mandatory.

Despite the voluntary restriction, Hayward has managed to save 510 million gallons of water from February to August, which beats their previously stated target of 390 million gallons, said Public Works Director Alex Ameri.

All cities in the state are required by the California State Water Resources Control Board to fine people who waste water $500. Water wasting’s definition includes water use that results in significant runoff in the street, using a hose without a nozzle, and use of potable water in fixtures such as fountains that does not recirculate the water.

The city is doing its part, too, to use sustainable watering techniques. The water fountain outside city hall, for example, uses re-circulated water according to Ameri.
But, he warned, the water isn’t necessarily clean or safe for kids to play in, so children should not play in the fountain.

Hayward recently launched a website to help residents find ways to conserve water. Residents are encouraged to report people who are wasting water. The website can be found here http://www.hayward-ca.gov/droughtwatch/.