McKillop runs for Hayward City Council

Julie McKillop,
Hayward City Council Candidater

I’m a lifelong Hayward resident with useful experience and time to contribute to our city.   I grew up, attended school, raised a family, built 3 successful businesses and launched a Cal State teaching career in Hayward.

All of my endeavors share one common thread; to make Hayward the best city it can be.  I’ve volunteered for many causes; the longest was serving on the board of Spectrum Community Services overseeing programs for the elderly.

I’ve worked with city hall to purchase, restore and maintain some of its most valuable Victorian buildings now housing new businesses downtown.   I have served on the City’s Citizens Advisory and Planning Commissions.   I was recently named “Business Person of the Year” by the Hayward Chamber of Commerce.

I believe Hayward is poised for greatness.  As the economy improves, I want to be a voice on City Council for smart economic development and job growth.  These are keys to increased funding for police, fire, street maintenance and neighborhood services that residents tell me they value most.

I am qualified and ready to help guide Hayward through these exciting times.  Hundreds of residents throughout Hayward are endorsing my campaign. Learn more at