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Student from England Starts PAC Focused On Health Care

August 19
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Mark Spiro, 21, a Regent’s College exchange student from the United Kingdom (UK) currently attending San Francisco State University, is not your typical participant in the American health care debate. His newly formed Political Action Committee (PAC) “Stop & Return” is a fresh voice from the...

Oracle CEO Defends Fellow Executive Mark Hurd

Richard Duboc
August 12
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This week, Oracle C.E.O. Lawrence (Larry) Ellison chastised Hewlett-Packard’s  (HP) Board of Directors for forcing the resignation their C.E.O. Mark Hurd. Calling it “the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs,” Ellison doesn’t pull any punches in sho...

Alameda County Fair Continues it’s Summer Tradition

Casey Scheld
August 11
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People go into the summer season expecting warm weather, great concerts and theme parks with rides. As with every year, the Alameda County Fair at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds managed to encapsulate that, bringing all of the above and then some to East Bay residents. Since its opening on June 23, people...

The French Experience

Michael Estaislao
July 26
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The long debate of where to go on a Friday night for residents of Hayward has come to an end, thanks to Bijou Restaurant and Bar. Located off B Street in Hayward’s entertainment district, Bijou offers cuisine with French and Californian influences. Bijou’s upscale presence has been a welcome...

YMCA Deficit Shuts Down After-School Program Subhead: Community in East Valley Outraged by Announcement

Randy Estrella
July 26
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Amy Dennis, a leader of the YMCA’s after-school program, is leaving for room 36 at OB Whaley Elementary School in East San Jose. Today her students, aged kindergarten through third grade, are doing a science project. Before the meeting ends, an announcement is made—an extensive budget deficit could...

Bay Area Endangered Species Spared From Harmful Pesticides

May 30
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By Jon Harnmuanphongs Metro Editor Local endangered species get a chance at survival due to a federal injunction restricting the use of various pesticides. “One of the local endangered species affected by the inappropriate use of pesticides is the Alameda Whip Snake, which is native to the Hayward...

Hayward Heroin

May 21
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By Jon Harnmuanphongs Metro EditorNeedle exchanges are lowering HIV rates amongst intravenous drug users in Oakland. “Using the Harm Reduction Model, we look at HIV rates before needle exchanges, which were about 19 percent amongst intravenous drug users in Oakland,” said Joy Rucker, Executive Dire...

Obama and Oil Spill

May 11
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In light of the large oil spill plaguing the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama administration has decided to put new offshore drilling on-hold. "No additional drilling has been authorized and none will until we find out what happened here and whether there was something unique and preventable here," said...

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