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The Pioneer

Mandatory Meal Plans: Still A Foe?

Stephaine Spearmen

October 6, 2010

After a controlled outburst against mandatory meal plans for all Pioneer Heights residents, are campus dwellers still up in arms or are they starting fresh by accepting the change? As returning residents were signing up for another year in the dorms they learned that a mandatory mini-meal plan would be added to their expenses, even thoug...

CSU’s Hurting In Absence Of California Budget

September 2, 2010

On Aug. 27, the heads of the three public university systems pleaded their case to the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce about their financial problems. With no budget passed before the summer recess for three years in a row, California State University, California Community Colleges, and the University...

Roads Near Csueb Campus Soon To Be Improved

Richard Duboc

August 27, 2010

Those cracks and potholes littering Carlos Bee Boulevard may soon be fixed. The city began road construction on August 19 which is expected to continue until February 2011. Hayward City Engineer Morad Fakhrai states that the main focus of the Carlos Bee Blvd. project in addition to general upkeep is...

Younus: Islamic Democracy for An Islamic Nation

Richard duboc

August 19, 2010

Last month, Cal State East Bay lecturer Dr. Farid Younos presented a new strategy for demilitarization and stability in Afghanistan to The United States House of Representatives to present a new outlook on the conundrum some are calling America’s new Vietnam. The plan, “A Roadmap to Peace in Afghanistan:...

Ramadan Underway For Students

Richard Duboc

August 19, 2010

On August 10th the sight of the crescent moon in the evening sky signaled the beginning of Ramadan, an important time of contemplation, fasting, and celebration in the Islamic faith. Around the world over 1.5 billion Muslims are fasting from sun up to sun down atoning for their sins and professing their...

Practice of Safe Sex Declines Among College Aged Students

Rose Cote

August 12, 2010

Sex is a phenomenon that many deem indescribable, however, in today’s society, it is becoming more conventional to have sex at an earlier age, as well as much more casually. Often times the risks involved are overlooked and the consequences of having unprotected sex are lost. According to the Medical...

Starbucks Coffee Coming to CSUEB

Ryan Macasero

July 26, 2010

The library at Cal State East Bay will soon be home to a Starbucks Cafe. The Starbucks branch is set to open in the lower mall of the University Library in the fall, says Chris Brown, the enterprise director for the Cal State East Bay Foundation on campus. Starbucks was chosen to open on campus “at...

Multinational “Families” at CSUEB

May 30, 2010

By Andrea JonesStaff Writer   Many students gain friendships in college that last a life time, but International students gain new families to help build a home away from home.   International Housing Director Cheryl Tan helps students create families that help them cope with not being at home wi...

Student Advocates for Deaf Awareness Club Back on Campus

May 25, 2010

Lisa Carnes Staff Writer      Cal State East Bay student advocates for the deaf club provided an opportunity for the deaf and hearing impaired to eat and socialize on Tuesday, May 4.       Melissa Mercado, President of the Student Advocates for Deaf Awareness (SADA), and her club mem...

12 Step Program Now at Cal State East Bay

May 24, 2010

By Andrea Jones Staff Writer   Student Health Services of Cal State East Bay is now offering Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings to help students, faculty, staff and those in the community who suffer from alcoholism. CSUEB counselor Ryan Gutersloh brought the idea to the health center because a memb...

Influential Sociology Professor Terry Jones to Retire

May 21, 2010

By Ginger StaleyCampus Editor            After 36 years at the university, Cal State East Bay will lose its champion for social diversity and justice, Dr. Terry Jones of the sociology department.             Jones will retire, but his legacy will not.            ...

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