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Angeline San Miguel, Lensa

In May 2022, the Bay Area witnessed a surge of nearly 7,000 jobs, indicating that the local job market is showing an encouraging trend of recovery — even growth — in the past few months. The former director of California’s Employment Development Department, Michael Bernick, claims that “[the State] is still down 225,000 workers from pre-pandemic numbers.”

In other words, for Bay Area job seekers, the timing couldn’t be better. Employers are eager to hire, so strike while the iron’s hot.

However, just because recruiters are offering positions doesn’t necessarily mean that one should jump at the opportunity. Often, job seekers look for jobs that offer appealing compensation and/or opportunities for advancement, while perhaps not placing enough emphasis on whether or not the job fits their personality. 

No matter how much money an employer might offer, if you hate the job, company, or the industry at large, chances are you will have a miserable time and will regret your decision. 

In this short article, we’ll try to prevent that unfortunate scenario from taking place by taking a look at some of the industries currently hiring in the bay area and what kind of candidate profile best fits the jobs in those industries.

Would You Like To Fly?

Airlines took a massive hit during the height of the COVID pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. However, as people are getting back into the habit of traveling, airlines are making a comeback. In consequence, many airlines are hiring in droves. For example, United Airlines is currently looking to fill 800 positions – all based in San Francisco. Positions which include: 

  • Flight attendants
  • Ramp service employees
  • Digital Technology positions

Applicant Profiles

Flying is undoubtedly exciting, but onboard positions are primarily service positions. The ideal candidate should enjoy working directly with people. Patience and empathy are a must. On the other hand, ramp service positions require little to no interaction with the public. The job, though, does involve handling baggage, which can be physically taxing. A good job for someone looking to stay in shape!

IT and Software Development

Technological innovation is what the Bay Area is known for, and the tech industry post-COVID is only gaining further ground. In fact, in the San Francisco area, especially, tech industry jobs that are seeing the most growth include:

  • Environmental and Cleantech

San Francisco alone boasts over 200 cleantech companies and thanks to favorable tax incentives for companies that are involved in clean energy technology, that number will surely grow larger.

  • Life Sciences and Biotech

Northern California (San Francisco in particular) is the birthplace of the modern biotech industry, with close to 300 life science firms operating in the region – not to mention the biotech programs at the region’s prestigious research universities.

Applicant Profiles

To a large extent, entering the field of life sciences, biotech, or cleantech requires a considerable amount of schooling beforehand. These industries are ideal for intellectually curious people who love to think creatively, innovate, and solve problems in new and unique ways. Applicants should love learning and should be prepared to obtain credentials from institutions of higher learning.

On the Road Again

Much like the airlines, the on-road transportation sector took a huge hit during the first year of the pandemic. It has sent come roaring back and continues to look for more workers to meet the growing demand in transportation.

Are you fearless? Do you laugh in the face of danger?

These are questions worth considering, as jobs in transportation – motor vehicle operators, material moving, and transportation – remain some of the most dangerous jobs in America. There is, however, a certain freedom one feels when hitting the road. That cannot be denied. Face time with the boss is rare (compared to other industries), and there is a certain camaraderie among workers in this sector which could be enviable. 

Applicant Profiles

People who enjoy and are successful working in the transportation sector tend to be self-motivating, and self-reliant with an air for adventure. Driving permits and a clean driving record are a must, but beyond that, there isn’t usually much in the way of academic or technical credentials required.

International Business

The Bay Area is a cosmopolitan, international center for trade and a hub for global tech, IT, and digital media industries – not to mention the tourism and the fact that nearly 50% of San Francisco residents are foreign-born.

Applicants who speak at least one foreign language fluently will see their chances of entering their field of choice greatly improve. This applies to fields as diverse as banking and finance to leisure and hospitality.

Applicant Profiles

Working in an international environment is ideal for people with strong interpersonal skills, a high level of intellectual curiosity, and a high aptitude for learning and adapting. Cultural awareness and foreign language skills are helpful and will greatly increase your chances of accessing this exciting and growing industry.

In a Nutshell

There is no one perfect job. What’s right for you may not be right for others. The good news, if you are currently a job seeker, there are many industries in need of workers. Companies are hiring, many of which are willing to hire underqualified candidates while assuming the necessary training to get them up to speed – provided the candidates possess the requisite characteristics and fit the profile of what they are currently seeking. So strike when the iron’s hot – currently, the iron is blazing.