The Pioneer Graduation Edition: ASI President Remarks

Anjelica de Leon, Contributor

Congratulations, Class of 2022! My name is Anjelica de Leon, and it has been a pleasure to serve as your ASI President and CEO this year. I am truly honored to be surrounded by extraordinary students and individuals.  

The past few years have been challenging, to say the least. We experienced obstacles that we have never experienced before. We were faced with burdens that we took on when no one was looking. We battled through resistance and change. Yet, we are still here today. It is incredible to see students achieve outstanding academic success despite everything that this world has thrown at them. 

To our compassionate faculty, staff, and administration, our loving families, friends, and communities that uplifted the individuals in this room – thank you. 

To our students who were the first to graduate college in their families, we see you. To our students who are parents, we see you. To our student-athletes, we see you. To our international students, we see you. To our women in STEM, we see you. To our future change-makers, we see you. We have learned what it takes to handle our circumstances with grace, we have learned the importance of being vulnerable and asking for help, and most importantly, we have learned the importance of our community. What you have done these past few years is exceptional and this world is truly about to become a better place when we enter the next chapter of life.