Aerial Fitness: A Fun Way to Work-Out in the Air

Capriccia Thomas, Health Editor

An exciting way to exercise that includes pole fit, trapeze yoga, aerial hoop, and aerial silks minus the hassle of an overcrowded gym.

Working out has a new face and it’s here to stay. Aerial fitness is a fun way to work out and stay fit for those looking for something different outside of a normal gym.

Going to the gym can be a hassle for many students who are busy with school, work, and social life. Aerial work, formed in 2006, is a new wave of fitness which incorporates yoga and pilates poses with aerial challenges, strength and core training. It has revolutionized since then and has expanded to aerial hoops, trapeze yoga, pole fit, and more.

It’s open to anyone who wants to take a step outside the box to add some excitement with flexibility, core strength, posture, and muscle building. There are different class sets that range from beginner to advanced. The MINDBODY App allows users to find local classes in your area. TruFusion in Walnut Creek, Twirly Girls Fitness “Twirly Tribe” in Pleasanton, and Ascend Aerial Arts in San Carlos are just a few of the many aerial classes located in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

The Recreation and Wellness Center (RAW) on campus offers group yoga sessions for students. “ I think doing something in tandem with other people often helps start a routine or add enjoyment to physical activity. Anything that helps a person stay active and add minutes of movement to their daily routine is beneficial and if it is enjoyable to the person that’s a bonus,” Linda ClaussEd. D. stated, assistant manager of CSUEB’s RAW. Students who are interested can click the link here to learn more information.

Aerial silks are more than just a fun activity with beautiful poses for photo-ops, the health benefits provide a full range, including physical strength, figure, and mood.

It’s important to note that in silks, pole, and other aerial variations, it requires you to use your own body weight. The endearing piece of this challenge is the aspect of being above ground. This increases flexibility and strengthens your joints and ligaments.

Grab a hammock and hang free. When you’re suspended in the air, the body endures a deep muscle relaxation phase that occurs throughout the entire body. This helps with stress relief due to the high amount of oxygen going to the brain. This is vital for brain function. The overall exercise decompresses the body and serves as a stress reliever when the pressure is released from the spine. This enables the body to improve posture and release the tension in the joints and muscles.

Getting into the swing of aerial art is a great alternative to the gym. “The yoga trapeze is very accessible for first time students and many poses are doable because of the handle system. The support of the trapeze and handles allows each individual to work at their own skill level giving them strength and confidence to do more advanced poses” Deana Hsu stated, a certified yoga trapeze instructor.

Hsu continued, “I believe activities that are fun and enjoyable are what motivates you to continue to exercise on a regular basis. If you are struggling to find an activity to stay fit, then you should definitely check out a yoga trapeze class. I teach classes at Samadhi Yoga studio. You can sign up for classes here.”

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Every time you take the class, you are challenging yourself to a new exercise pose that allows you to express yourself in a totally creative way. Crowded gyms can be a hassle and exercising can be tedious, but joining a class you can become part of a community, build self-confidence, relieve stress, build strength and coordination, and encourage a creative outlet through pole and aerial fitness.