Living without a parent: a California resident’s experience with loss

Raymond’s mother made the family a collage photo a few years before her passing. Though she is not physically here, her kids believe that she is still with them in spirit, just like the final sentence says, “I will be there.”

Taylor Morris

Photo Essay By Taylor Morris, CONTRIBUTOR
Moreno Valley, Calif. – Raymond Zacarias lost his mother, Judith Zacarias, in September 2019 and has dealt with the complex reality of living life without a parent present in the home. Judith left behind six children, but currently, three out of the six live in the house she left behind, with Raymond being one of the three.

Though he may be an adult, he wishes he still had his mother present for support, guidance, and genuine love. Since her passing, the kids have had to take over primary adult responsibilities such as maintaining the house and taking care of finances through the home.