East Bay Grads Continue to Rise in the East

As the COVID-19, or commonly known as the coronavirus, the crisis continues to impact the process of higher education at California State University East Bay, the campus administration continues to announce changes for students. Over the past few weeks, administrators have sent students notification emails about the multiple subjects ranging from Parking pass refunds, graduation ceremony information, and even grades.
For those who did not receive, or read, the emails, the information can be accessed under the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) tab on the California State University East Bay website. One of the biggest, and addest announcements for students, was the suspension of graduation ceremonies. However, according to the Cal state website, “we are exploring and seeking input on others ways to recognize, honor and celebrate our graduates for their remarkable achievements — but this will not replace our in-person commencement.”
When the decision was made to postpone the commencement ceremony for Spring 2020, there was a meeting informed by virtual focus groups and solicitation of suggestions from university stakeholders to decide alternative means to celebrate and recognize graduating seniors for the Spring semester. According to University Staff, “All of the ideas were compiled in a document and discussed, those ideas that surfaced across all groups were prioritized.” These groups were defined by university staff as graduating seniors, staff, and faculty.
University Staff also revealed that “6 Total focus groups were held (4 of them were with graduating seniors alone) the information was then shared with the administration.” When asked if there would ever be a commencement ceremony for the graduating seniors for the Spring 2020 Semester, staff replied on behalf of the health department, as of now the ceremony is postponed until later in 2020 around fall but can be delayed as for as 2021 our of concern for the health and safety of participants. Until more information is available about the extent of social distancing. More details, as well as a list of frequently asked questions, are made available on the Cal State East Bay website.
Going forward, CSUEB is planning to operate online during the summer of 2020 in an online capacity only. When asked if the fall 2020 semester was going to be in person or not, University staff were unsure about the details about what classes were going to be available or not but said that “some classes will be available on campus, but we will know more when we get closer to fall”.
As the Social Distancing protocols continue to stay in effect through May 31, we at The Pioneer wish all a safe summer as the Spring semester comes to a close, and congratulations to all of those graduating.