Disney+ shakes up streaming competition

By Naomi McKinnie, CONTRIBUTOR
The wait is finally over Disney fans! Disney+ is officially out and ready for all the endless streaming of Disney content.
The worldwide launch on Nov. 12 set the stage for Disney+ to host all of Disney’s original content like shows and movies, as well as access to Marvel Studios and Star Wars. Disney fans have waited patiently for the launch of the streaming platform. This change that means Netflix will lose its access to Disney’s content.
“I have been waiting for a Disney streaming platform for months. I am a Disney fanatic and the price is less expensive than Netflix,” says Nicole Nieto, an East Bay Resident who celebrates Disney on her Instagram.
Disney+ is listed at $6.99 a month, compared to Netflix starting at $10.99 to $14.99 depending on how many devices you want to stream at once. Disney+ also offers a bundle with Hulu and ESPN+, since they have ownership rights to both platforms. The price for this bundle comes out to $12.99 per month. Hulu is $11.99 per month by itself, so Disney is giving more incentive to get the bundle in order to beat out their competitors.
The Disney+ package allows streaming access to four devices at once without advertisements, but there are restrictions on what content is allowed. They will not include any content that is over the rating PG-13, according to Disney. This means that parents might find some of the content inappropriate for children under 13. Netflix will still be the place to find those options as well as crime TV, stand-up comedy, and horror movies that people love.
“I can’t say Disney isn’t smart. They are definitely offering their services at a lower price to pull people away from Netflix,” says Sean Sykes an East Bay resident who constantly streams Netflix. “I’m not a crazy Disney fan so I’m keeping Netflix, but I can see myself caving and getting Disney+ because they own so much content like Marvel Studios.”
Disney adding a streaming service to its growing platform makes the company even more of a lead competitor in entertainment. Disney entertainment has grown exponentially and now has multiple cable networks, record labels, movie franchises, and theme parks.
Disney is growing its scope of reach to its audience, which might cause platforms like Netflix to work harder to create their own original content. Now the question remains: how will Disney+ affect other streaming services?
Both streaming platforms have their own original content that viewers are drawn to. Netflix still has Netflix Originals that will keep viewers coming back to watch. With Netflix still providing a wide variety of content, they are still the main players in the streaming platform wars.