Milpitas BART opening delay



By Jovill Pagay, CONTRIBUTOR
The long-awaited Milpitas BART station may finally open its doors on Dec. 28, once all of the configurations are settled.
Milpitas BART station first broke ground in 2012, and its original completion date was initially set for 2017. Due to multiple issues with construction, such as contractors having to reinstall the proper equipment after previously installing incorrect communication fixtures, it had caused the opening to be frequently pushed back, according to the Mercury News.
Milpitas BART was scheduled to open on Oct. 21, however, due to the late start of “pre-revenue testing,” the opening launch is now scheduled for Dec. 28.
Once BART fixes the multiple issues, it will take another 90 days to conduct another pre-testing. Which will include re-checking trains to make sure it is running properly and smoothly before taking in passengers.
If BART does not fix its various programming technical issues, they may need to postpone the opening date from Dec. 28 to Jan. 2020, according to Mercury News.
The anticipation of the highly awaited Milpitas BART station has sparked an increase in housing developments in the area, which includes 800 new apartment complexes and townhouse units, according to Mercury News.
“With our community growing we are having more and more housing here. Because of that, [the city of Milpitas] has to make it up, because many people commute to whether it is San Francisco, Oakland or Berkley, whatever it is, [Milpitas BART] has to meet that high demand,” Diana Nguyen, a Milpitas resident and a CSUEB Alumni said in an interview. “And with Milpitas BART station not being open yet, it delays people as well,”
Students and other Milpitas residents that commute have been forced to utilize other BART stations that may be further than the Milpitas station will be. This may cause an extended commute time.
“It is frustrating, because [Milpitas BART] gives us one date, but they continue to change it. So how is it certain that it will open by the end of the year? And right now, with my commute to Fremont it’s not as great if it were to be here, because it is not convenient for me to drive there,” said Nguyen.
Once Milpitas BART finally opens, Milpitas residents who commute to work will finally find some traffic relief.