CSUEB Interfaith room celebrates diversity



By Madeline Ramirez, CONTRIBUTOR

California State University, East Bay is touted as the most diverse university in the CSU system, but questions are consistently raised about what comes with diversity. With different backgrounds, comes different religions.
Many religions are based on a praising action or worship to someone of authority, whether it is one God or multiple gods. As such a diverse campus, it is important to establish a safe place to practice those views.
The Interfaith room is a room located in the New University Union, where students are more than welcome to sit and have a chance to reflect and find an inner peace that relaxes them. The room offers blankets to sit on for additional comfort.
“The Interfaith Room started in 2016,” said Director Kenrick Ali, who helped facilitate Interfaith Group. “Students from Muslim Student Association of CSUEB, had approached the administration for a designated spot to pray throughout the day.”
Despite the MSA bringing this idea to the surface, the Interfaith Room is in no way directed towards a specific religion or audience.
Since the room is open year-round, turnouts and student appearances vary depending on the semester and time of the day. It is more probable that students would attend this room in-between classes and even at the University-hour time period that takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
“Administration did not want to call it a prayer room as it could be interpreted to a specific religion, so with it being Interfaith Room, it is open to various religions,” Ali said.
The Interfaith room’s accessibility to many different people with different religions allows CSUEB to keep its diversity alive. Though there are many different religions, this room helps students keep their belief system well-practiced.