Quotes from the Quad

By Andrew Cooper & Lidia Montiel, CONTRIBUTORS

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Did you vote and why?






“I voted, and I think there was such a big voter turnout because Trump is our president. When Obama was our president I think people were like ‘oh we won the battle we have nothing to worry about’ and no one was paying attention, and people kind of let their guard down. So I think due to the fact that Trump became president, people then woke up and were more aware so they wanted to vote.”

Martha Carrizales, Communication




“I probably voted in this election because of how the office is now I didn’t vote for Trump or anything, I’m really against him and the party that I voted for was a party opposite of his so I felt like if we all voted for the opposite party that could turn out the elections. I feel like people don’t take voting seriously, they probably think their opinion won’t matter but it really does and I think more people should be educated on that.”

Britney Phetbourom, Health Science


“I decided to vote because I think it is such a great privilege we have here in this country to vote for governors and stuff like that. It’s also a great feeling to vote, and know you did your part as a citizen. So it’s the opportunity to make a difference and the national pride feeling from voting is why I decided to vote.”

Jesus Contreras, Criminal Justice


“I feel like no one really took the presidential election seriously, and it didn’t turn out how people wanted but they also didn’t vote, that’s why every voice makes a difference. I voted in this election because there was a proposition about dialysis and my grandpa is going through dialysis so it was more personal.”

Taylor Lara, Psychology




“I voted because I’m not a fan of who we have in charge. I mean, using Twitter to badmouth people, I don’t support that. I would definitely say that’s incredibly unprofessional. Obama used Twitter but he used it in a different way. He used it to reach out to more people and not to bad mouth people, and that’s how a public figure like the president should use social media.”

Graeme Onuffer, Biology



“I definitely was more motivated to vote in this election just because I felt like in the 2016 election, yes every vote counts, but I feel like during that time because of who is our president right now it just didn’t feel like it counted and so this midterm election I really wanted to vote just because I want my voice to be out there.”

Jovill Pagay, Communication/strong>