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“What services on campus do you use to combat anxiety, and if you don’t, is there anything you do yourself to combat it?”


“I really don’t use the school’s stuff because I never knew about it. I usually calm myself down, call my girlfriend or, when I’m home over the weekend, hangout with my dogs.”

– Nicholas Linares, Sophomore, Biological Science Forensics


“I do see during testing weeks that people bring their dogs and allow people to pet them. This actually helps me out a lot. I’m thinking I’m gonna bring my own too, if it’s possible, so that I can help out with it too.”

– Gio Cai, Graduate, Business Analytics Master




“I use the gym. I’d say it’s the best one I could say for stress, especially this semester where I’m taking 19 units. It’s my heaviest semester yet. I also like to involve myself in a variety of groups such as a criminal justice group and a Pokemon GO group on campus. Being involved with stuff like this really helps keep the stress down.”

– Josh Chavez, Senior, Criminal Justice



“I usually go to the gym. That’s not really just to help combat my anxiety, but just to help my mental health overall so I don’t get overstimulated by all my responsibilities. I find that this healthier outlet helps me do a lot better.”

– Lili Peet, Senior, Communication