“What are your thoughts on the Writing Skills Test, otherwise known as the WST?”

I think it’s kind of a lame idea that we gotta take it in order to exit the university, we already put in the hard work and they want us to take on more test. I took it, paid for it, didn’t pass it, I thought I did a good essay but now I have to pay money to take it again. I think they just want to get more money from students. It’s only 25 dollars, but count it for hundreds and hundreds of students and it adds up eventually as a way for them to pocket more money.”

– Matthew Carrera, Senior, Communication



“From what I’ve heard about it, I know everyone has to take it and I haven’t really thought about it too much but I think it’s fair. I think I need to get a better grasp about what it’s all about but I think if everyone has to do it I think it’s kinda fair but also some people have a better writing background than others because maybe they’re an English major or a Communication majo

– Oscar Mora, Senior, Business Administration






“I’ve never taken it before. I heard if I fail it, I can take one English course in a semester and pass it which is great. And I heard there will be two opportunities to take it. I’m pretty sure I’ll push myself through.”

– Darii Dorj, Junior, Recreation-Sustainability Concentration







“It’s not unnecessary, but it’s unfair to some students who struggle with testing and there should be more opportunities towards students from their teachers.”

– Marie Loreto, Senior, International Studies









“They should have a benefit for it because we pay tuition. I feel like it should be included within the tuition and they should have us not pay at all for it.”

– Antonio Orejel, Senior, Construction Management








“I haven’t taken it but I’ve had a teacher who teaches a course on how to pass and he said it’s somewhat difficult without the recommended class.”

– Steph Richards, Junior, English