Quotes from the Quad

By Sarah Williams-Cain & Daniel Bereal, CONTRIBUTOR

“How are internships necessary to success amongst students and how do they help them in long run?”

“I think overall it is pretty beneficial for the person doing the internships. You get to get your feet wet, meet different kinds of people, and talk to bosses. I do not think it is a necessity but it is definitely one of the steps you can take to get your foot in the door and have more success in the job field.”

– Jordan Estes, fourth-year business administration major




“It personally helped me decide what I wanted to do career wise. It ended up paying off in the long run when I was way more advanced in certain fields when I got my first job as a CNA and my college career. Although it is not enforced, I highly recommended to intern in a field they are interested in.

– Vanessa Munoz, third-year health science major




“I think everyone needs to have at least one internship before they graduate college. I got to work with upper management people and got to see how a company actually works. It is like they say, when you go to college you just learn books, but you are not really learning how to work with people. When you actually go see that side of the field, you see in a whole different perspective.” ”

– Mostafa Radwan, fifth-year software engineering major



“Yeah, it helps you gain experience with you career wise. It looks good on resumes, gives you experience, and helps you get a better job overall.”

– Keren Batres, second-year health science major